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Healthy Hearts

Healthy Hearts

Prevention Strategies to Address Cardiovascular Disparities

The Independence Blue Cross Foundation Healthy Hearts initiative supports prevention strategies that address cardiovascular disparities in underserved populations in Southeastern Pennsylvania. To improve survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest and detection of conditions that lead to sudden cardiac arrest, the Healthy Hearts initiative funds programs that increase access to free CPR and AED education/training and free heart screenings for children.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, accounting for 1 in 4 deaths1. Studies show that 70 percent of Americans feel helpless to act during a cardiac emergency due to feeling incapable of properly administering CPR or because they are afraid of hurting the victim2. The problem is particularly acute in Philadelphia, where more than 1,100 people died of sudden cardiac arrest in 2015. The percentage of people in Philadelphia who received bystander CPR in 2015 was half the national average (40.6 percent nationally vs. 20.3 percent in Philadelphia3).

Efforts to Improve Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survival Rates

The Independence Blue Cross Foundation Healthy Hearts initiative supports primary and secondary prevention strategies to address cardiovascular disparities in vulnerable and high-risk populations within Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Our Partners

  • Mobile CPR Project - Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania
    The Mobile CPR Project aims to increase survival from sudden cardiac arrest through free CPR education and training of community members to recognize and respond to a cardiac arrest.
  • CPR Ready Campaign - Philadelphia Regional CPR Awareness Coalition
    This campaign is designed to increase the number of people in the region who are qualified and willing to perform bystander, hands-only CPR, as well as use an automated external defibrillator (AED).
  • Simon’s Fund
    This organization provides free heart screenings to children, advocates for life-saving legislation, hosts awareness events, and promotes research. Its mission is to save a child’s life and then another, by raising awareness of conditions that lead to sudden cardiac arrest and death.

CPR Ready

Mobile CPR

Simon's Fund


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