Lorina Marshall-Blake, president of the Independence Blue Cross Foundation, and Daniel J. Hilferty, president and CEO of Independence Blue Cross

Dear Friends and Partners,

The partners we highlight in this report embody the guiding principles of our Independence Blue Cross Foundation: innovation, collaboration, engagement, and sustainability.

There is one more principle we strive to uphold: thought leadership. The transformation of health care must start with great ideas, and a shared commitment to see them realized.

To that end, our Foundation champions innovators. We convene leaders to tackle big challenges. Through our initiatives and our mission, we seek to lead solutions for a healthier community.

We invest in nursing education because nurses are critical to more effective care delivery. We strengthen the health care safety net because we understand the challenges that keep people from accessing care.

We support community organizations and health care leaders because that is where great ideas come from. And we address national health priorities like the opioid abuse crisis locally, because that is where leadership is most needed.

Our Foundation is proud of the $4.8 million in grants we awarded this year and the 101 partners that received our grant funding.

Most of all, we are proud to take a leadership role in setting the future course for health care, and humbled by the outstanding organizations who join us on that path.

Daniel J. Hilferty

Daniel J. Hilferty

President and CEO
Independence Blue Cross

Lorina Marshall-Blake

Lorina Marshall-Blake

Independence Blue Cross Foundation