From a Moment into a Movement

Strengthening Health Centers to Deliver Care Where it's Needed Most

Across America, health centers are a lifeline for individuals and families in medically underserved neighborhoods. They represent the largest primary care network in our nation.

Their responsive, whole-person approach to providing care for diverse populations — regardless of a person’s income or ability to pay — helps address health disparities, improve health outcomes, and reduce overall costs to our health care system.

Through the Foundation’s Blue Safety Net program, we are committed to strengthening health centers in the Greater Philadelphia region. With grants totaling nearly $2.5 million in 2019, we are helping to ensure access to care for our neighbors in need.

Rising to the challenge to serve our neighbors in need

Since the Foundation awarded its first Blue Safety Net grants in 2011, our funding has helped health centers provide primary care, vision, dental, and integrated behavioral health services for individuals who are underinsured and those who are unable to pay, families with low incomes, and communities of color.

These health centers, many of which are nurse-led, are an essential part of our health care system, supporting the individuals and families they serve, where and when they need them. It is imperative for them to remain a strong presence to provide our communities with preventive care to stay healthy.

Improving health outcomes through integrated services

In 2019, the Foundation invested in nearly 50 community health center sites, which serve more than 300,000 patients. With this financial support, these centers can more easily adapt to meet the needs of those they serve and work to address the many social and economic factors that influence individual health and well-being.

Our newest 2019 health center grantee is a strong example of how integrated health and community services and culturally competent care can significantly improve health outcomes.

Philip Jaisohn Memorial Foundation

The Philip Jaisohn Memorial Foundation provides medical, mental health, and social services, as well as educational and cultural programs to meet the growing needs of the Korean-American community in the Greater Philadelphia region.

A particular area of focus is providing care for disabled and homebound Korean-American seniors, allowing them to live in their own homes while receiving care specific to their cultural needs.

Philip Jaisohn Memorial Foundation

The Philip Jaisohn Memorial Foundation supports and enriches the vibrant Korean-American community in Greater Philadelphia through a variety of health services and educational programs.


Federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) meet the health care needs of a growing number of people in our region, state, and across America serving:

880,000+ in PA

28+ million nationally