Meet the team

Lorina Marshall-Blake (She/Her)

Lorina has led the Independence Blue Cross Foundation as president since its founding. Lorina is nationally recognized for her passion in helping others and making a positive difference in the health and wellness of communities. She is involved with more than 30 professional and civic organizations and serves on more than 25 non-profit boards and committees.
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Heather Major (She/Her)
Executive Director

Heather is the first executive director of the Independence Blue Cross Foundation and host of the Foundation's international-reaching addiction podcast, Someone You Know®. Heather believes strategic philanthropy and health policy are key to better health for all.
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David C. Moore (He/Him)
Director, Foundation Initiatives

David directs Independence Blue Cross Foundation grant programs and initiatives dedicated to community service and equal opportunities for all.
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Courtney Stefan (She/Her)
Manager, Foundation Initiatives

Courtney manages the operational team at the Independence Blue Cross Foundation and has a passion for fostering relationships to enhance the public sector to better serve communities.
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Margot Sklar (She/Her)
Lead Foundation Program Specialist

Margot leads engagement for the Independence Blue Cross Foundation Institute for Health Equity and is inspired by the visionary leaders and innovators in our region who are driving systems level change.
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Imani R. Gumbs (She/Her)
Senior Foundation Program Specialist

Imani supports Independence Blue Cross Foundation communications. Imani's desire to raise awareness, educate, and inspire through communications is motivated by her faith, family, and West Philly community.

Marlene Harmon-Perkins (She/Her)
Senior Foundation Program Specialist

Marlene supports the Independence Blue Cross Foundation's nursing initiatives by cultivating and maintaining strong relationships with the Foundation's partner nursing schools.
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Katrina Keating (She/Her)
Senior Foundation Program Specialist

Katrina provides programmatic and operational support to the Independence Blue Cross Foundation. Katrina is passionate about philanthropy's role as a convener to generate new ideas, build consensus around a shared vision, and share best practices.
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John (JLy) Lyons (They/Them)
Senior Foundation Program Specialist

JLy supports the Independence Blue Cross Foundation's health center initiatives and enjoys connecting people to diverse resources across the Greater Philadelphia region to ensure they thrive.
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Leah Turner (She/Her)
Senior Foundation Program Specialist

Leah supports the Independence Blue Cross Foundation's mental and behavioral health initiatives. Leah builds relationships with community partners by connecting with others through a shared dedication to service.
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Rachel Williams (She/Her)
Foundation Program Specialist

Rachel supports grants administration and reporting activities. Combining her interests in community impact and data, Rachel seeks out opportunities to leverage technology to inform mission-driven work.
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Morgan Harkness (She/Her)
Associate Foundation Program Specialist

Morgan supports Independence Blue Cross Foundation operations and the Nursing Internship Program. Morgan is motivated through her background in Public Health to build stronger connections among community leaders.

Denise Tinney (She/Her)
Executive Assistant

Denise supports Lorina Marshall-Blake and Independence Blue Cross Foundation administration. Denise is inspired by the many women she has been privileged to work with throughout her career and hopes to be a guiding light for her three granddaughters.

Ada Corsino (She/Her)
Senior Administrative Assistant

Ada supports Heather Major and Independence Blue Cross Foundation administration. Ada is proud of her North Philadelphia roots and motivated to serve her community by her faith.
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