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The Institute for Health Equity propels action.

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The IBX Foundation Institute for Health Equity was announced in 2022 to address policies and practices that have hindered communities from achieving optimal health.

This five-year, $15 million commitment aims to promote systems-level change through multidisciplinary, collaborative partnerships.

The Institute connects thought leaders and organizations to catalyze ideas into action, with a focus on equity in medical education, digital health, and maternal health.

Health Equity Forum

Just one year after the Institute announcement, the IBX Foundation Institute for Health Equity Forum convened in Philadelphia. The three-day event engaged 600 regional and national leaders and experts from academic medicine, professional medical and nursing associations, health systems, nonprofit organizations, government, and philanthropy to drive action in the Institute's focus areas: equity in medical education, digital health, and maternal care.

Equity in Medical Education

Addressing health equity demands building a workforce that is more reflective of and sensitive to the diversity of the population. With one in every six U.S. doctors trained in Philadelphia, the Institute is uniquely positioned to outline actions and investments creating a ripple effect of change across a national landscape — improving representation and consequently improving health outcomes among diverse populations.

Equity in Digital Health

While health systems are rapidly adopting digital tools to optimize care, a disparity in resources is leaving some patients and communities behind. The Institute is studying the current uses, practices, barriers, and gaps in the use of digital health services — in collaboration with Foundation supported health centers — to develop equitable digital health solutions for all.

Equity in Maternal Health

Maternal mortality is a systemic issue, and one with vast inequities — especially among Non-Hispanic Black women who account for 73% of pregnancy-related deaths in Philadelphia, but only 43% of births. The Institute is working to advance evidence-based approaches to maternal health with an emphasis on community-based and community-led interventions.

"Making Change Happen: Solving For Health Equity"

The IBX Foundation is revealing a closer look at the real people and stories behind our health equity initiatives — the partners who we work with to make change happen, and the people who benefit from that progress. This video docuseries highlights the impact of programs and interventions that are transforming lives and creating replicable, sustainable models for a more equitable future.


600+ Clinicians, Nurses, Students, and Civic Leaders Convened at 2023 Health Equity Forum
2,000+ Patients and Families served through Institute partners
15,000+ Medical, Nursing Students, and Faculty engaged in Institute partner programs


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