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Healthcare Workforce

Building a strong and diverse WORKFORCE

Nurturing the next generation of nurses.

Nurses are critical to the healthcare system — and the shortage of nurses and lack of diverse representation in the field threatens accessibility of quality, affordable care.

The Foundation is committed to advancing the next generation of practitioners, educators, and leaders in nursing.

Since 2011, the Foundation has awarded more than $19 million in grants to prepare future nurses to deliver quality care, increase opportunities for receiving nursing education, and increase representation and diversity in the largest workforce in healthcare.

Service Scholars

Veterans reintegrating into civilian life are seeking the sense of mission, meaning, and purpose they found during their service to our country. At the same time, our nation needs more nurses. The Service Scholars Program provides a pathway to accelerate our nation's veterans into the field of nursing and builds upon the Foundation's unparalleled support of nursing through increased educational opportunity and commitment to diversity and representation. This program provides funding for scholarships and non-tuition aid to participating Nurses for Tomorrow schools that have a current Yellow Ribbon Program agreement with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Service Scholars will also support student veterans Beyond the Classroom through professional development, social connection, and community service.

Service Scholars was featured in an episode of "Military Makeover: Operation Career." The series promotes organizations that are helping veterans prepare for life and employment after service.

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Healthcare Scholars

Increasing diversity in the healthcare workforce doesn't just provide more equitable career opportunities — it also helps communities better meet the needs of a diverse patient populations. The Foundation collaborated with Temple University's College of Public Health and Department of Nursing to pilot the IBX Foundation Healthcare Scholars Program to create pathways for underrepresented students to follow from high school through college. The program has expanded and is now reaching nursing students at 12 schools in the region, supporting these students in their pursuit of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or associate degree in nursing with full academic scholarships, academic support, and mentorship.

Nurses for Tomorrow

Since 2011, the Foundation has awarded more than $15 million to provide more than 6,000 scholarships to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral nursing students. Through its signature Nurses for Tomorrow program, the Foundation supports 22 nursing schools to expand educational opportunities and create a more inclusive, culturally sensitive healthcare workforce.

Nursing Internship Program

The Nursing Internship Program has helped prepare more than 400 future nurses to deliver community-based, preventive, person-centered care to patients. The paid, ten-week internship provides a unique learning opportunity that goes beyond standard clinical rotations in hospital settings, placing student nurses in community health centers. Students gain new perspectives on the many roles nurses can play to help deliver culturally sensitive care, all while cultivating professional and leadership skills to set them up for success in their career.

Research & Reports

Nursing Internship Program Evaluation

A study examining the performance and influence of the Nursing Internship Program and the impact it had on the undergraduate students in the program.

Funding Collaborative to Develop PhD Prepared Nurses

Highlights the challenges and opportunities of a funding collaborative by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to develop more PhD prepared nurses and nurse faculty.

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