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In order to strengthen its long-standing commitment to health and wellness in Southeastern Pennsylvania, IBX created a charitable organization focused on transforming healthcare delivery through innovation in the communities it serves. The strategic giving and convening approach of the IBX Foundation will ultimately produce the greatest and most lasting impact on our healthcare system and community.

The IBX Foundation currently supports initiatives within three key areas of impact:

The IBX Foundation Institute For Health Equity is a regional endeavor with national impact addressing policies and practices hindering communities from achieving optimal health. The primary goal of the Institute is to advance health equity throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Grant Questions

You can find our grant eligibility guidelines here. If you have any questions after reviewing the guidelines, contact us for more information.

The proposed use of funds must be in accordance with the Foundation's mission and purpose. In assessing an organization's grant request, the Foundation also considers some of the following key areas:
  • The effectiveness and impact of the organization's current activities
  • Evidence of organizational sustainability
  • The population and community served
  • Merit of the proposed grant activities and the potential impact on improving healthcare access, cost, and/or quality
  • Defined project goals that are measurable, time-sensitive, and attainable
  • Collaboration with community stakeholders
  • Alignment with the specific program guidelines

Grant applications vary by subject matter and area of impact. Please contact the Foundation for guidance. The following information is helpful in your request:
  • Your name, organization, and contact information
  • Your organization's mission or purpose
  • The area of impact your organization aligns with (access to care, healthcare workforce, health equity)

Your organization will receive an email notification from YourCause GrantsConnect at upon the successful submission of your grant application. If you applied and did not receive an email confirmation, please contact us.
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