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General questions

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In order to strengthen our long-standing commitment to health and wellness in southeastern Pennsylvania, IBC created a charitable organization focused on transforming health care delivery through innovation in the communities we serve. The strategic giving approach of the IBC Foundation will ultimately produce the greatest and most lasting impact on our health care system and community.

The IBC Foundation currently supports the following grant programs:

The IBC Foundation funds programs and initiatives that advance caring for our region's most vulnerable, enhance health care delivery, and build healthier communities.

Grant eligibility questions

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Grant requests from nonprofit organizations and institutes of higher learning in southeastern Pennsylvania will be considered. See our eligibility guidelines for more information.

If you have reviewed the general eligibility guidelines and still have questions about program requirements, you can review the grant-specific guidelines:

You can also contact us. Please note, however, that while a member of the IBC Foundation team may help clarify the proposal guidelines, he or she will not be able to discuss whether your organization will be awarded a grant or how your proposal fares against others. Discussing your proposal with a team member does not guarantee that your organization's grant request will be approved.

No. The IBC Foundation does not provide grants to individuals. See our eligibility guidelines for more information.

No. The IBC Foundation does not award grants for sponsorships or fundraising events.

Application process questions

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The proposed use of funds must be in accordance with the Foundation’s mission/purpose.

In assessing an organization’s grant request, the IBC Foundation also considers some of the following key areas:

  • the effectiveness and impact of the organization’s current activities;
  • evidence of organizational sustainability;
  • the population and community served;
  • merit of the proposed grant activities and the potential impact on improving health care access, cost, and/or quality;
  • defined project goals that are measurable, time-sensitive, and attainable;
  • collaboration with community stakeholders;
  • alignment with the specific program guidelines.

Please note: The IBC Foundation staff may also conduct a site visit as part of the grant evaluation process.

Details about our specific goals and guidelines can be found in our Grant Programs section.

Each IBC Foundation initiative has a distinct application process. Learn how to apply for:

Your organization will be notified via email upon the successful submission of a grant application. If you submitted an application and did not receive an email confirmation, please contact us.

Yes. However, please submit only the attachments requested.

Community Report

Since 2011, we've made an Intentional Impact by awarding charitable grants to over 200 nonprofits to support initiatives that address access to care and reduce health disparities.

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